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Dread Hang: Competition Pack

Dread Hang: Competition Pack

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2x Dread Hang Spinning Bar System (Size (diameter))
Dread Hang Spinning Bar System (2) (Size (diameter))

Get a 2 PACK of our Dread Hang system so you can enjoy the fun of competing in head-to-head #DreadHang challenges with others. Choose any two sizes.

Easily installs with your existing rig/rack system or any standard pull up bar 1.25" diameter or smaller. Our patent-pending design features durable, wear-resistant nylon contact points and is precision engineered from powder coated steel. 

Available in three sizes for an individualized challenge experience for all users (see sizing chart). Regardless of age, gender, size, grip style, or skill level, anyone can use the Weld Fitness Dread Hang System.

How a spinning bar works: First, a non-spinning bar (like your pull up bar) is relatively easy to do a dead hang on because the bar does not rotate and friction is largely responsible for your ability to hang on. A Dread Hang spinning bar removes the advantage of friction so, because the bar spins freely, your ability to hang on is 100% determined by YOU alone!

How sizing works: The larger the diameter, the harder it is to hold on! If you are close to being in between sizes, most people should choose the smaller of the two. If you are looking for a more extreme challenge, consider going up a size.

✅ Compatible on all 1.25" tube, 43" and 70" crossmembers for Rogue Fitness rigs!


  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Nylon


32.5" W x 7.625" H x 4" D

The hooks for hanging this on your bar are at 30.5" distance inside hooks and 32" outside hooks.

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